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Welcome  to the Wild Pear Shores Home Owners Association website.  Visitors may learn more about our community and the Association.  Documents and a map are available detailing Phase I, II, and III of the development, the HOA By Laws, and Restrictive Covenants.  Local Services and listed for easy access.  Members can learn about the latest HOA news and upcoming events.  Association dues are detailed so members know how much to pay and where to send annual payments.

After reading About Wild Pear Shores, below, if you have further questions please contact the HOA President at:  (865) 245-9771 or WildPearShores@gmail.com  



About Wild Pear Shores
Wild Pear Shores is a single-family community located on the eastern shore of Douglas Lake just north of the I-40 bridge.   We are accessible from Route 25W/70, approximately two miles east of Exit 424 of I-40 and approximately five miles from the intersection of I-40 and I-81.  Click here for a map of the general vicinity.
Consisting of gently rolling, low grassy hills dotted with wild pear and other trees, Wild Pear Shores was originally a large farm along the eastern shore of Douglas Lake.  Surrounded by the development, spring-fed Dalton Lake feeds into Douglas Lake and has a constant year-round water level.  There are 149 lots, ranging in size from over 1 acre to 25+ acres, within the Wild Pear Shores development. Wild Pear Shores features curbed streets, underground utilities, a private boat dock and ramp, restrictive covenants, and sandy shoreline with easy water entry. 

Natural gas is provided by Jefferson-Cocke Counties Utility District while electric service is provided by Appalachian Electric Cooperative.  Owners can choose to have well water or have their water provided by the Dandridge Water Management Facility.  Two companies offer curb-side trash pickup.

Early on, every lot in Wild Pear Shores had  been reviewed by TVA for owners to build above the 1003 elevation, although residents needed to submit a detailed 26A if building below the 1007 elevation line.  TVA REGULATIONS CHANGE OVER TIME:  PLEASE CONFIRM WITH TVA TO DETERMINE WHAT PORTION OF ANY LOT IS CONSIDERED "BUILDABLE". 

In order to maintain the common areas of the development, the Association has annual dues, which may not exceed $100.00 per lot per year.  The Board of Directors of the Association sets the annual dues at the beginning of each year.  Each property in the development is subject to Restrictive Covenants which maintain the overall attractiveness of the development as well as consistent property values.Type your paragraph here.

About Wild Pear Shores Homeowners Association
The Wild Pear Shores Home Owners Association is a non-profit organization chartered by the Tennessee Secretary of State.  The structure and operation of the Association is provided by the By-Laws, while Restrictive Covenants provide for general standards to maintain the overall esthetic quality of the subdivision.  A Board of Directors, elected by the property owners and a slate of officers appointed by the Board execute routine operational activities, while overall guidance and direction is provided by an annual meeting of the general membership.  The By-Laws establish annual dues to provide for common expenses, such as the tri-annual inspection by the TVA of the Dalton Lake dam, maintenance of entry signs, and adequate insurance.  The By-Laws limit the amount of annual dues to $100.00 or less per lot.

To promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the Wild Pear Shores subdivision and to own, acquire, build, operate, and maintain the common properties.

To preserve the warmth and hospitality of the subdivision to allow owners to feel pride in residing in Wild Pear Shores.